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Connecting fintech leaders - who are hiring - with grads, students and traditional finance employees who want to work in fintech and web3.

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Virtual Careers Day

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What happens?

We are scaling up the Work in Fintech work experience programmes.

Day one.

Featuring Komainu, TP ICAP, Droit, Finastra, United Fintech, & Symphony.

Day two.

Featuring ipushpull, Goldman Sachs, Adaptive Financial Consulting, Crosstower, Gemini and Weird Whales Founder Benyamin Ahmed.

Bridge talent

On a mission

Crypto, NFTs, web3, AI, Machine Learning, Robo-Advising, Regtech, Insurtech, Payments… the fintech industry is growing exponentially and has more jobs than ever.

Work in Fintech is on a mission to bridge the talent and knowledge gap in the fast-growing fintech industry.

BSc Mathematics & Finance, Queens University Belfast

Zachary Scott

"The Careers Day really helped inform me of the careers and roles available and connect me with some amazing people. I cannot express the motivation those few days instilled in me, to actively pursue this space."


Who should sign up?

Come and join the Work in Fintech virtual careers day, featuring industry experts, companies and hiring managers, so you can explore the right job for you.

Step 1


A fresh graduate looking for your first job.

Step 2


An experienced professional thinking of your next career move.

Step 3


An innovator who doesn’t want to miss amazing opportunities.

Step 4


Perhaps you just want to learn more.

Experienced individuals

Professional Network

You’ll hear from people representing all parts of the fintech ecosystem, talking about different roles in fintech, their companies and roles they’re actively hiring for, including:

Adaptive Consulting - Riko Eksteen, Senior Consultant. - Min Wei, Head of Partnerships.
TP ICAP - Simon Forster, Co-Head of Digital Assets.
ipushpull - David Jones, CTO and Neil Weatherall, Head of Tech Sales.
Goldman Sachs - Clare Ashley - MD, Engineering.
United Fintech - Christian Frahm, CEO.
Fronted - Simon Vans-Colina, CTO.
Komainu - Sebastian Widmann, Head of Strategy.
Droit - Craig Butterworth, Chief Commercial Officer.
CrossTower - Priya Suhag, Head of Strategic Development and Malcolm Moreno, trader and ops.
Finastra - Chirine BenZaied - Bourgerie, Head of Innovation.
Symphony - Kate Chatzopoulos, Senior Client & Product Lifecycle Enablement.
Gemini - Marshall Beard, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development and guest starring Benyamin Ahmed - 12 year old NFT & crypto millionaire.

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Our carefully curated schedules are packed with industry leaders sharing their incredible journeys.

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We’ll help you build careers and companies in fintech and web3.
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