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Our mission is to inspire young professionals to a career in fintech and web3.

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Who we are

What we aim for

Inspire and mentor students, graduates and young professionals building a career and business in fintech and web3.

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We believe that solid work experience opportunities combined with a deep network of connections is vital in order to build a thriving career. Let us help you get started.

work experience

Work experience

Connect curious minds with the most innovative fintech & web3 companies.



The fintech sector is projected to grow to $1.5 trillion by 2030.

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visual careers days

Virtual Careers Days

Connect fintech leaders with grads, students and professionals.


Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Ayaz Haji

"Projects like Work in Fintech are absolutely essential when we think about a level playing field for talent in the industry."

Helping young people

socially driven digital communities

Socially Driven Digital Communities

The Work in Fintech project will enable meaning professional development for young people - brought together by an extraordinary community of passionate people and firms.

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socially driven digital communities

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We’ve interviewed leaders in fintech from Blockchain.com, to Checkout.com, from Goldman to IBM, from the grandfather of Ethereum to a 12 year old NFT prodigy.

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